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Ensure Your Application Communicates Excellence 

A Unique Drafting Challenge

Most silks will readily admit that the silk application process is one of most stressful processes a leading junior will embark on.  This is because:

  1. The process requires you to master a new way of thinking and drafting (competency based).
  2. You are required to recall the detail of your actions and thinking  in cases your memory has long filed away.
  3. The form typically requires at least 50 hours of work by the applicant.

Unparalleled Silk Application Advice

Our silk application and coaching is provided by JAT's founding partner, Martin Soorjoo.  A former leading junior for 15 years (1990-2005), appearing on several occasions in the House of Lords (as it then was) and European Courts, Martin specialised in Judicial Review throughout his career and consequently spent much of his time drafting.

Martin pushes his clients on both the substance of their examples and cases, style of their form as well as ensuring they attend their QCA interview feeling prepared, confident and focused.

Martin provides advice and support to clients throughout the process (often months before a competition opens) and will work evenings and weekends,  as he knows only too well the time pressures leading juniors operate under. It is for these reasons that each year at least 75% of Martin's clients are appointed.

Master Competency Based Drafting

Any successful silk applicant will tell you that completing your silk application form is extremely demanding and time consuming. Martin takes the pain out of the process and will advise you on:

  1. Selection of your 12 cases using our 3 step process and table.
  2. Selection of your Assessors.
  3. Approaching Assessors.
  4. Selecting the best examples.
  5. Demonstrating excellence in Diversity and the other competencies.
  6. Drafting for maximum impact.
  7. How the QCA exercise their discretion in those cases not falling squarely within the terms of the guidance.

How We Work With Clients

Our typical process when working with silk applicants is as follows:

  1. Readiness review (if requested). Martin will review your experience, potential cases and Assessors and give you his brutally honest view as to whether you are ready. The review may include additional steps to be taken by the client before making the final decision. This stage will also include reviewing past applications if relevant.
  2. Planning Meeting. Once the decision to apply has been made, Martin will meet with you in order to agree a plan of action. This will include:
    • Creating a hit list of potential cases.
    • Approaching Assessors. Note you are not allowed to solicit their support.
    • Reviewing potential examples.
    • Advice on the unique nature of the Diversity competency.
    • Gaps and weaknesses and how to address them.
    • Optimal drafting.
  3. First Draft. Once all preparatory steps have been completed, you will be invited to complete a first draft. Martin often suggests clients start with one competency first. This is for reasons of efficiency as better you make the inevitable teething mistakes with one competency rather than the whole form.
  4. Review and Feedback. Martin will then review each successive draft providing robust feedback on both substance and style by telephone or Zoom. The feedback is both frank and detailed and is the sort that can only be provided by a lawyer with extensive drafting experience. Martin will work with you for as long as it takes (inc evenings and weekends), until you have produced a form that manifestly demonstrates excellence.

75%+ of Our Clients Appointed Annually

For the past 12 years the annual percentage of Martin's clients appointed silk has never dropped below 75% and has reached as high as 95%.  To ensure we can provide the advice and support needed by individual clients we never take on more than 25 clients per competition and are always fully booked before the silk competition launches.

Because clients have differing needs and degrees of application experience, our time spent with you is charged on an hourly basis at £375 + VAT per hour.

Call 020 7549 3606 for a no commitment discussion with Martin or email Jenny at

Appointments until 8pm weekdays and at weekends on request.

We always go the extra mile for our clients because your world is our world.


"Your feedback on my application was hard to swallow at times but spot on and necessary.Thank you."

2014 Silk Appointment

"I was successful and I just wanted to write and thank you for what I thought was a tremendously skilled and focussed training package that was comparatively easy to implement in a practical and meaningful way."

2012 Silk Appointment

"I have been coached before but unsuccessful. I greatly valued your brutal but effective feedback and guidance with both the form and interview."

2015 Silk Appointment

"My clerk insisted I come to you and I quickly understood why. After my work with you I felt prepared and focused and actually enjoyed the silk application process"

2014 Silk Appointment