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The Qualifying Test
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Pass the Qualifying Test

The JAC online Qualifying Test is the selection filter which presents the greatest challenge and uncertainty for many lawyers and judges. This is because most JAC candidates have limited, if any, experience of completing online tests under intense time pressure. 

The inevitable consequence is that good lawyers who would make good judges, never reach the final stage of the JAC selection process. Our unique service familiarises our clients with the process and provides strategies that address the principal challenges that applicants face.

What to Expect

At the time of writing the JAC Qualifying Test typically has the following 3 components:

1. Multiple Choice- Situational Judgment

2. Multiple Choice - Critical Analysis. This is usually based on a published judgment or speech, often by a Justice of the Supreme Court which is normally provided in advance to candidates.

3. Scenario test requiring a written response.  This stage of the process is subject to challenging time limit and word count. It often contains questions focused on case management, procedural and time limit issues. Some material is provided in advance of the test with additional material provided on the day.

The Multiple Choice Tests (MCT’s) are typically conducted at the same time and an applicant only progresses to the Scenario Test on a later date if they pass the MCT’s. The MCT’s are scored automatically and the Scenario Tests are marked by judges. 

Our Comprehensive Preparation Package

Our Online Qualifying Test Package provides advice on

  • The key resources we believe should be considered before every JAC online test.
  • Preparation strategies for mastering your material before you start the test. This strategy also addresses one of the most common mistakes made by candidates undertaking the Scenario Test.
  • How to maintain focus and clarity while completing the tests. Many candidates struggle with the tight time pressures combined with the unfamiliar format. We recommend focus enhancing strategies and technologies.
  • Navigating the tests including time management and maximising marks.

In addition to the above, we provide our clients with private access to our online mock Stage 1 test which is designed to provide a realistic sense of what you will face when undertaking the JAC first stage qualifying tests.

The test is similar but not identical to the JAC online tests. The primary benefit is the experience of having to select options from relevant scenarios under timed conditions.

Online Qualifying Test Preparation Package - 1x 30 minute (stage 1) and 1 x 15 minute (stage 2) calls and access to our online stage 1 mock test - £295 + VAT. 

Please note due to overlapping competitions we have limited availability for this service. If you would like to book a session please contact Jenny at  


"I wish I had come to you when I first attempted the Recorder exercise rather than my third (successful) attempt. Fantastic advice from start to finish."

Recorder 2019

"You demystified the process and simplified the complex. I cannot thank you enough

2016 Deputy District Judge

"Efficient and invaluable."

2012 Circuit Judge

"You challenged me to play my best game and thanks to you I did."

2020 Section 9