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The Challenge of the Self-Assessment

For many applicants, completing the self-assessment is a daunting prospect. It is the first time they are having to understand and engage with a competency based process. This requires the candidate to think and communicate in a way that is at odds with the way they would normally do so as a lawyer.

We take the pain out of the process by simplifying what appears complex, demystifying the competency based process and walking you through every step of the way until your application is submitted

Delivering on Substance and Style

The self-assessment presents a challenge in terms of substance and style. When it comes to substance, applicants must demonstrate they meet the JAC's qualities and abilities with strong, relevant examples that are well drafted. Knowing what is a good example is not always obvious.

The 'style' challenge relates to fitting in several examples into boxes of 250 words (except in the case of s.9, HC and CA) whilst engaging the competencies, ensuring readability and selecting strong rather than pedestrian examples.

Unparalleled Drafting Advice and Support

With over 15 years experience of drafting judicial review applications and other pleadings and 12 years advising on drafting self-assessments, we will help you submit a strong application by ensuring you:

  • Understand the key competency principles and know how to apply them.
  • Can easily identify strong relevant examples that engage the individual competencies. With over 30 years experience as lawyers we will help you identify the best examples from your experience.
  • Draft your form in a manner that creates maximum impact within the restrictive word count.
  • Understand the 2 take-aways you want every example to contain.
  • Know what resources to consider in advance.

We will also advise on assessor selection as well as any potential character issues.

Additionally, at the end of our engagement with you, we provide you with free access to our self-assessment video coaching package which retails at £99 + VAT

Every Step of the Way

Our typical process for working with clients at the application stage is as follows:

  1. Pre-competition advice on example selection. Identifying potential examples from your experience takes time therefore commencing that process at the earliest opportunity maximises the likelihood of you selecting the strongest ones. We also advise on assessor selection at this stage as there may be more than 2 suitable assessors and you may wish to consult with them in advance.
  2. Before you start drafting call. For the majority of applicants, this is the first time they have drafted a competency based self-assessment. For this reason, and in order to save you time, we will provide you with advice as to which of your examples are strongest and the best drafting approach. This is more efficient than a client attempting a first draft without guidance only to find out they need to go back to the drawing board.
  3. Draft review calls. We will then review your first and subsequent drafts over several calls (usually 2-3 short calls) until a strong self-assessment is achieved.

We are normally fully booked well before a competition launches so if you wish to discuss working with us please call 020 7549 3606 for a no commitment discussion with one of the partners or email Jenny at 



Illuminating and invaluable.

- High Court Appointment

I was succesful and I just wanted to write and thank you for what I thought was a tremendously skilled and focussed training package.

- Circuit Judge Appointment

Your mock interview was more challenging than the real thing but was essential preparation.

- Circuit Judge Appointment

Your coaching was brutal but effective. But for your guidance I am certain I would  not have been appointed.

- Circuit Judge Appointment

Finally you enabled me to understand exactly what the competency based process requires. You turned the lights on for me. Thank you.

-District Judge Appointment