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As Lawyers Who Coach Lawyers
Your World Is Ours

Increase Your Prospects of Success - Lower Your Stress

We help our clients maximise their chances of obtaining a Judicial Appointment or Silk and master their stress response and recovery.

JAT was founded in 2009 by two lawyers with over forty years experience between them. Since then we have advised and coached over a thousand lawyers and judges in the United Kingdom, United States and other jurisdictions working with Heads of Chambers, Managing Partners and judicial applicants for every tier of the judiciary right up to the Supreme Court.

Most our clients are referrals and for this we reason rarely advertise our services.

Our track record over 15 years includes successfully assisting

  • Over 500 clients to secure a judicial appointment
  • 32 clients secure appointment as a full-time High Court Judge.
  • 8 clients secure appointment as a judge of the Court of Appeal.
  • Over 160 clients attain the award of Queen's / King's Counsel.
  • Over 200 clients transform their stress response and recovery.

Understand > Apply  > Succeed

Our specialist advice and coaching service

  • Simplifies the complex ensuring you easily and quickly master competency based principles.
  • Enables you to start identifying strong relevant examples by the end of the first call / meeting.
  • Challenges and engages with you in a way that only another lawyer can.
  • Enables you to instantly switch into the right State and Mindset. Many a candidate has experienced 'Deer in Headlight' syndrome at their interview despite extensive preparation.
  • Significantly reduces your preparation time. Without the right advice most conscientious lawyers and judges over-prepare and focus on the wrong targets.
  • Provides advice, coaching and support from the outset right up to the day before your selection day or interview, including evenings and weekends.
  • Offers face to face, video and telephone advice and coaching.
  • Utilises cutting edge, research backed strategies and technologies to manage and monitor stress, while enhancing and accelerating recovery.

Lawyers Who Advise Lawyers and Judges

As experienced lawyers who work with lawyers and judges, we understand the legal context you operate in, the nature of your work and the sort of situations and challenges you face on a daily basis. With the experience of being in full time practice for 15 years and 12 years engaged in full-time coaching, we understand how you think and operate and know how to enable you to perform at your best.

In addition to enabling judicial and silk applicants to succesfully navigate competency based selection exercises, we provide our clients with research backed strategies, tools and technologies drawn from the fields of Neuroscience, Performance Psychology and Stress Management and the best practices of elite performers including Special Forces and Olympic Athletes that will enable you to

  • Feel calm, centered and confident in any situation.
  • Retain clarity and focus under pressure.
  • Recover and Recharge.

We provide advice, coaching and support face to face, and by video and telephone.

Based in Clerkenwell, we provide a friendly, professional service.  We will work with clients after office hours and remotely at weekends where necessary. We always go the extra mile for all of our clients because your world is our world.

Due to the high volume of referrals we are normally fully booked ahead of a competition launching so if you wish to engage our services we recommend making contact at the earliest opportunity.

Give yourself the best chance of success and call 020 7549 3606 or email Jenny at for a no obligation discussion.

All consultations are treated with the strictest confidence.


Illuminating and invaluable.

- High Court Appointment

I was successful and I just wanted to write and thank you for what I thought was a tremendously skilled and focussed training package that was comparatively easy to implement in a practical and meaningful way.

Silk Appointment

Your light, sound and breathing practices have rejuvenated and rewired my brain.  I feel sharper and more switched on than I have done in over a decade. I was impressed by the research but blown away by the mental benefits that I have experienced. 

         -  DM Barrister

Until I worked with you I thought I lacked suitable examples for the self-assessment and interview. You helped me realise I was spoilt for choice and played a central role in helping me secure 2 appointments within 18 months.

 - SR, Partner at Magic Circle Law Firm