Self-Assessment Training Videos

The process of obtaining a judicial appointment is more challenging and competitive than ever. Many JAC selection exercises have at least 10 applicants applying for each post.

When you add to the mix the fact that each exercise has several different hurdles and that the initial application stage window is now only two weeks (previously four weeks) then it’s not surprising that good lawyers who would make good judges, frequently fail to get appointed.

For the past ten years, we have advised lawyers and judges seeking judicial appointments at every level, from the Magistrates Courts to The Supreme Court. The vast majority of our clients are initially unclear as to how what exactly is required and how best to navigate through the competency-based process.

This is not surprising, given that competency-based processes are counter-intuitive and require you to think and communicate in a way that is different to the way you would normally do as a lawyer or judge. We say this as very experienced lawyers ourselves.

These 5 training videos are designed to take the pain out of the process, ensure you understand exactly what is required and maximize your prospects of appointment. Each video contains the same advice, strategies, and techniques we have shared with our clients over the past ten years.

These videos are not suitable for Section 9 and High Court applications which have different competencies and format.

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1. Why you should start preparing well in advance of a selection exercise launching and how best to do that.

2. The rationale behind competency-based processes

3. How to recall and identify your best examples.

4. Types of examples that are effective.

5. The two important targets you want every example to hit.

6. Drafting technique for the self-assessment part of the form. You should not be drafting the way you would normally do as a lawyer

7. Myths and tips.

Each lesson comes in the form of a content-packed video and audio that you can watch or listen to from your desktop, laptop or handheld digital device 24/7 as many times as you wish.


Martin is the founding partner of JAT. He practiced at the bar from 1990 until 2004, specialising in Judicial Review. Consistently recommended in Chambers and Partners and the Legal 500 as a 'leader in his field', and finalist for the 2004 Human Rights Lawyer of the Year, Martin appeared in a number of high profile cases, several of which went to the House of Lords and European Courts.

Throughout his career at the bar, Martin trained other lawyers on behalf of various professional organisations, in his specialist fields. Martin is qualified in a range of communication and human performance disciplines including Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and body language and has expertise in Performance Psychology, Neuroscience and stress reduction techniques.

Martin's clients include silks, senior partners, heads of chambers, judges, military personnel, business owners, athletes and politicians.