3 Reasons Why You Need a Strong JAC Self-Assessment

I have heard it said several times by applicants applying for a judicial post that the self-assessment doesn’t really matter as you simply have to pass the JAC online qualifying test in order to reach selection day.

This view is flawed for the following 3 reasons:

  1. Whilst it’s correct that in many selection exercises you must pass both stages of the JAC qualifying test, there is no qualifying test for a number of competitions including CJ, section 9, full time High Court and Court of Appeal. In these exercises, your self-assessment is of critical importance as to whether you progress to a selection day.
  2. In all competitions your self-assessment sets the stage for your selection day interview in the same way well drafted pleadings are an asset to an advocate before they enter the court or tribunal
  3. In all competitions, your self-assessment is one of the matters the selection panel take into account when deciding whether or to recommend you for appointment.