Lord Hope and the Single Biggest Mistake Applicants Make When Preparing for Competency Based Interviews

Conscientious, able lawyers preparing for their judicial or silk competency-based interviews typically spend time identifying relevant examples that are additional to those they have included in their self-assessment application. They will often identify examples that they believe will be strong answers to questions they anticipate being asked. At first blush this makes perfect sense and…

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How to Select Strong Examples For Your JAC Self-Assessment or Interview

JAC Examples

  Weak Examples Equal Failure When candidates are unsuccessful in a Judicial Appointments Commission (JAC) selection exercise, it is not uncommon to read JAC feedback that criticises the examples used in their self-assessment or selection day interview, for not being sufficiently complex or difficult. There are several factors that contribute to this shortcoming which include…

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Why Good Lawyers Do Bad Interviews

When judicial and silk applicants perform badly during their ┬áJAC selection days or silk interviews it is not usually because they found the questions difficult. In my experience, having advised and coached over a thousand lawyers and judges over the past 12 years, poor performance invariably comes down to one of the following: A failure…

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