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Training Contract Advice and Coaching

It's easy to surf the web and research the firms you are applying to, gaining some insight into their training contract selection processes. Candidates rarely fail because they knew too little about a solicitors firm or hadn't thought through the type of questions they would be asked. You don't need a coach for that.

It's All About Positioning and Performance

To be selected for interview your application needs to 'stand out from the crowd'. And it's a very big crowd. This means you need to know how to position yourself in the best possible light, effectively deploying your unique assets and experiences.

And on the day that matters, whether it be at an assessment centre or a partner interview, you need to be in high performance mode. Firing on all cylinders, possessing and communicating confidence, maintaining focus and clarity, deploying congruent body language, whilst being engaging. This is something that most senior lawyers and judges struggle with when applying for silk and judicial appointment and it is the biggest challenge for training contract applicants who have strong applications but perform badly on the day.

Designed With input From Partners at 5 Major Law Firms

When creating our programme, we obtained the input from partners involved in the recruitment process from 5 leading law firms (including Magic Circle and High Street Legal Aid). Our intensive and challenging coaching will help you

  • Ensure your applications "stand out from the crowd" and position you in the best possible light.
  •  Craft the key messages you need to deliver in interview, irrespective of the questions you are asked.
  •  Perform at your best, with maximum confidence and impact during your interview. This includes advice on body language and powerful techniques to help ensure you approach each interview with a confident, winning mindset

    You will go through a challenging mock interview with feedback on both content and delivery. We video record the interview and provide you with a copy.

Be Coached By Experienced Lawyers

Our team of experienced coaches have several decades of practical experience as lawyers and have coached hundreds of training contract applicants.

"The techniques I learned during my coaching session not only ensured I secured my training contract, but have proved extremely useful during presentations I have subsequently had to make. I never realised how little I knew about communication and performance until the session"

Awarded training contract by 'Magic Circle firm' 2012

Our 2 hour intensive training contract interview coaching session will prepare you for the toughest interviews and includes:

  • Structured discussion about your past experience and forthcoming interviews.
  • Advanced performance and communication techniques.
  • Full mock interview and de-brief (this will last about an hour and a half to two hours and you will receive a copy of your interview). This mock interview is extremely challenging and uses questions typically asked by solicitor firms during training contract interviews.
  • Feedback on both the content of your answers and your delivery, including body language and communication style

Next Steps

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Mind blowing! I secured 3 offers and now feel invincible. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Training contract applicant 2014

Superb coaching. My only regret is not discovering JAT 2 years ago,

Training contract applicant 2012

After a year of 7 interviews and no offers your coaching helped me obtain 3 offers this year. I simply cannot thank you enough

2013 Training Contract Applicant

I had 12 failed interviews before working with Martin. Now I have 2 offers at dream firms.

Training Contract Applicant 2o15