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Suboptimal Sleep Impacts Reasoning, Memory and Performance

The evidence, from all over the world overwhelmingly points in one direction; nothing comes close to destroying your performance, productivity, memory, reasoning and creativity like inadequate or impaired sleep. As a bonus, lack of optimal sleep causes a multitude of serious health conditions and shortens your lifespan.

The False Economy of Sub-Optimal Sleep

There is a global sleep loss epidemic. The average Brit sleeps 6 hours and 19 minutes. Anecdotal evidence indicates that lawyers sleep less. This shortness of sleep is compounded by the fact that for many this sleep is disrupted by a range of conditions e.g. snoring, the effects of food and drink and sleep disorders.

During his 15 years at the Bar, Martin often worked into the early hours of the night drafting JR grounds and typically had 5 hours or less of poor sleep. If you are consistently tired, keeping yourself going on stimulants (nicotine, caffeine and drugs) you cannot consistently perform at yoru best and run a real risk of burnout or worse in the long term. It does not need to be this way.

Until I worked with Martin, I would get myself going with several cups of coffee and drag myself through my day. My days off and weekends were spent recovering and to be frank I was a failure as a husband and father. Martin and his magic has changed that in ways I could never imagined. I still don't sleep as long enough as I would like but now I fly through my days with renewed vigor no longer fueled by caffeine and I now have plenty of energy for my family. I wish I had known what  I now know ten years ago.


Sleep Like a Baby, Rise Like a Phoenix

By combining the latest developments in technology with easy to implement sleep optimization practices we enable our clients to:

  • Identify their sleep disruptors
  • Fall asleep faster
  • Reduce the number of times they wake up during the night
  • Achieve greater REM and deep sleep
  • Maximize sleep efficiency
  • Wake up feeling restored and energized
  • To feel and perform better where a lack of sleep was unavoidable
  • Minimize the negative effects of jet lag

Next Steps

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I assumed feeling exhausted every day came with the role. Thanks to Martin's coaching I now enjoy my work and life again.

High Court Judge

It is a crime that lawyers and indeed society as a whole are not taught how to sleep better. I cannot thank Martin enough.

Head of Litigation at International Law Firm

I had always assumed that 8 hours sleep was non-negotiable and that meant as a mother and busy barrister, feeling rested and restored was never going to happen. Now I know better.

Matrimonial Finance Barrister

Amazing! I have always been a geek but had no idea how technology could completely transform the quality of my sleep.

Criminal Silk