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High Performance and           Laser Focus

Perform at Your Best - On Demand

There are times when it is necessary to perform at your absolute best for a specific task or event. This may be making submissions to the Supreme Court, negotiating the terms of a contract worth millions, leading a difficult meeting when you have had next to little or no sleep or drafting an important document.

The ability to summon up your resources and ‘bring your A game’ can be the difference between success or failure. Most lawyers have had the experience of performing extremely well but few understand how to create the internal and external conditions and access their most valuable cognitive resources in order to activate a state of peak performance or 'flow'.

A  10-year study by McKinsey found that top executives reported being five times more productive when in 'flow'.  We work with clients to enable them to understand how to create both the internal and external conditions to perform at their best, on demand.

Perform Under Extreme Pressure

When the pressure is on the ability to maintain a steady hand and clarity of thought is critical. Whether you’re handling an unexpected crisis that threatens you or your organisation, or working throughout the night to meet an urgent and important deadline.

For many, extreme pressure clouds their judgment and ability to think clearly. Just when they need to perform at their best, the pressure causes them to ‘choke’ and underperform, sometimes with disastrous consequences.

We have worked with individuals who face high pressure situations on a regular basis including lawyers, judges,  senior executives, investment bankers and law enforcement and will show you how to develop and access the necessary resources (clarity, calmness, focus and intensity) when you need them most.

Develop Laser Like Focus

Most lawyers find themselves in a 'dimension of distraction'. The internet, email and smartphones means we are always on and connected.  We simply cannot produce our best work under these conditions.

Research has demonstrated that each interruption, whether it be email, text, call or in person, has the impact of a taking anything up to 25 minutes to achieve the same level of concentration and clarity that existed prior to the interruption.

We will introduce you to strategies, tools and technologies that help you:

  • Maintain focus and clarity of mind.
  • Increase the duration intensity of your focus; and
  • Help develop a routine that allows you to produce your best work.

If you would like to discuss  how we can help you improve your performance and focus contact Jenny and she will arrange an initial no-commitment consultation.


Until your coaching I did not know I could consistently operate at such a high level. Your coaching has been revealing and transformational for my professional life.


It is fair to say that my ability to work through a diet of never ending of bundles has virtually doubled.

RS District Judge

You have given me a switch to play my best game at will.  This is invaluable.

AC Barrister

Having increased focus has benefited my analysis and creativity - both essential for legal argument.