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Master The Competency Based Process

Navigate the Judicial Appointments Process

Every competition that is run by the Judicial Appointments Commission (JAC) will have one or more of  the following components:–

  • Application form
  • Qualifying Test
  • Sift
  • Selection day interview
  • Situational questioning
  • Role play

Progressing through each stage is challenging. If you do not master each element of the process, you will not get appointed , no matter how good a lawyer you are, how many Supreme Court Cases you have conducted or whether you are in band 1 of Chambers Guide to the Legal Profession.

The unfortunate reality  is that good lawyers who would make good judges often fail to get appointed simply because they did not master the competency based process. As experienced lawyers with over a decade's experience of advising and coaching lawyers and judges we will walk you through each step of the process.

Application Forms and Competency Based Interviews

The JAC application form presents a challenge in terms of substance and style. When it comes to substance, applicants must demonstrate how you meet the JAC's qualities and abilities with strong, relevant examples that are correctly drafted. Knowing what is a good example is not always obvious. The 'style' challenge relates to cramming in several examples (which need to be crafted in the right way) into boxes of 250 words.

We take the pain out of the application process and over the course of several short advice calls ensure you end up with an application form that is properly drafted with strong examples.

When it comes to judicial interviews, so many lawyers go from 'warriors in the courtroom' to 'worriers'. They find that the same skills, qualities and abilities that have served them well for decades suddenly abandon them. This is simply because the interviewee often has limited interview experience and is outside their 'comfort zone' with something personal invested in the outcome with the questions being about them rather than their client.

Our advanced interview coaching prepares applicants for the toughest interviews. In a single, intensive session we

  • Help you identify potential challenges you may face and appropriate solutions.
  • Provide you with science based tools and strategies to ensure you go into your JAC selection day feeling confident and focused.
  • Advise you on how to ensure you convey 'judicial presence'.
  • Conduct a realistic, tough mock interview deploying the type of questions interviewees typically face,
  • Provide feedback on both the substance of your answers and how you came across.

We also provide advice on how to effectively deal with JAC role plays and situational questioning.

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Illuminating and invaluable.

- High Court Appointment

I was succesful and I just wanted to write and thank you for what I thought was a tremendously skilled and focussed training package.

- Circuit Judge Appointment

Your mock interview was more challenging than the real thing but was essential preparation.

- Circuit Judge Appointment

Your coaching was brutal but effective. But for your guidance I am certain I would  not have been appointed.

- Circuit Judge Appointment

Finally you enabled me to understand exactly what the competency based process requires. You turned the lights on for me. Thank you.

-District Judge Appointment